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Copyright law in the Thailand is governed by Copyright Act B.E. 2537 (1994). The purpose of this Act is to prevent the unauthorized copying of a work of authorship. According to Thai Copyright Act, the copyright term is the life of author plus 50 years. When the author is a legal entity or an anonymous person, the copyright term is 50 years from the date of publication.

The Copyright work by virtue of this Thai Copyright Act, means a work of authorship in the form of literary, dramatic, artistic, musical, audiovisual, cinematographic, sound recording, sound and video broadcasting work or any other work in the literary, scientific or artistic domain whatever may be the mode or form of its expression.

Copyright protection shall not extend to ideas or procedures, processes or systems or methods of use or operation or concept, principles, discoveries or scientific or mathematical theories. Under this Act, the creator automatically gets copyright protection as soon as the work is created. The recordal of copyrights work is not necessary and does not provide any additional rights. However, copyright recordation is recommended because this could be one of the productive evidence when the ownership dispute is raised.

We provide the full range of services in relation to copyright: Copyright recordation, Copyright infringement litigation, Copyright assignment and licensing.


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