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Other IP Services

Trademark Monitoring & Marketing Investigation Services

After registration of your trademarks, how do you enforce your trademark right?   We would like to offer our Trademark Monitoring Services & Marketing Investigations in order to assist you to enforce your IP right.


Trademark Monitoring


How do you know there are similar trademarks from your competitors?  

In addition to trademark registration services, we also provide trademark monitoring services by checking whether there are new- pending- registration trademarks which may similar to your trademarks.  We will provide alerts if we find any similar trademarks. Our services include as follows:

  1. Regularly check trademark journals to find out similar trademarks; and
  2. Provide alerts of the similar trademarks to you as well as our brief opinion on the processes in dealing with the similar trademarks.


Trademark Marketing Investigations


Receiving alerts for similar trademark used in the markets


Trademark monitoring services can cover only similar trademarks published in the trademark journals during the course of registrations.  How do you deal with the similar trademarks which are not in the course of registration?  We can provide marketing investigations in order to check whether there are any similar trademarks used in the markets. The followings are our services.


  1. Regularly investigate whether there are similar trademarks used in the markets; and
  2. Provide alerts of such similar trademarks to you together which brief advice in dealing with such similar trademarks.


How to use our services?           You can use our services on monthly basis.


Excluded Services:                 

Trademark monitoring and marketing investigation services do not include full advice relating to the similar trademarks, filing oppositions, cancellations, deal with the owners or the users of the similar trademarks, contact competent officers to enforce your trademark rights, seize the counterfeit goods and any court proceedings.