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Real Estate


STLO Asia Ltd. have an intensive experience in real estate law. We assisted the client from the starting of due diligence of documents involving the land and buildings until completion of ownership registration.

The process of real estate acquisition is quite complicated which people can make mistakes. Such mistakes might cost you a lot of money, and, in the worst case scenario, you might even lose your property. Thus, what you need is a professional lawyer to protect your benefit. We are experts at writing contracts, processing property transfers, and advising buyers and investors on the best and safest way to manage their property purchases.

We represent sellers and buyers, plaintiffs and defendants, in a variety of real estate law matters:


  • Real estate and construction project legal processing
  • Property and land development and acquisition and transfer of land
  • Condominium purchase and transfer
  • Long term lease of land and building
  • Wills and family law