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Well planned and fully complied tax are solutions of a successful business. Our top priority is to minimize exposures and risks to our clients. Our tax  team  encompasses qualified and  experienced with in-depth knowledge professionals to provide high quality of tax and legal  services to help the clients to achieve and implement their tax strategies.

Our Tax and Accounting Services Including:

  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Investigation
  • Income Tax and Value Added Tax Advice
  • International Tax Planning
  • Expatriate Taxation
  • Transfer Pricing

Tax Compliance

All entities doing business in Thailand are liable to comply with tax under the Revenue Code. Timely submission of  tax return for corporate income tax and Value Added Tax is compulsory. The well preparation and supporting information / documentation is a major solution to minimize compliance exposure. Our services offer you to assist and assure for your business regulatory compliance, including;

  • Corporate Income Tax Return Review and  Preparation
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Review
  • Value Added Tax monthly review and filing

Tax Investigation

The Revenue Department tax investigation and audit can be conducted against your business to the extent that there could be a reason of non-compliance or unreliable sources of  the submitted information. The investigation or tax audit can be time-consuming and possibly be costly for the investors. We can assist you to minimize the exposures and to prepare for information and supporting documents before and during the investigation. Our services covering :

  • Working with  you to identify the risks
  • Prepare information and supporting documents to be presented to tax authorities
  • Dealing with tax authorities on your behalf in clarifying the issue with the goal of reducing and settling for possible tax assessment
  • Advice and supporting with legal and tax laws and regulations in connection with the issue.

Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax Advice

Our team can provide you with legal advices in terms of tax  summary report for particular issues or questions to your business transactions. The advices shall be responded in form of electronic mails, written report, telephone or in any other means of communication. Tax advice including;

  • Practical and legal guidelines to current business transactions in connection with corporate income tax, Value Added Tax and other tax liabilities
  • Identify tax risks or exposures to current or proposed business structure together with appropriate solutions
  • Analysis and advice on alternative business structures or arrangements in order to minimize tax risks or exposures
  • Advice on general tax legislation and liabilities to certain business transactions or arrangements

International Tax Planning

Domestic tax legislation and regulatory developments are important awareness for multinational companies. A pre-study of current legislation and tax system can enable business solutions. The cross-border transactions between foreign entities and Thai companies may attract domestic investigation. Our team is experienced with  the application of international tax laws and can assist you to set forth an accepted business structure in order to achieve and conform with your global tax strategies. Our tax planning services including;

  • Inbound and Outbound Investment Analysis
  • Cross-border Transactions Tax
  • Double Tax and  Applications of Double tax Agreements
  • Foreign Remittance Arrangement
  • Designing appropriate tax efficient structure for international business merger and acquisition
  • Tax exposures and analysis on Cross-border Services Agreements
  • Inter-related Companies Service Agreement Drafting

Expatriate Taxation

Expatriate employment is commonly well-known and  implemented amongst multinational companies doing business in Thailand. Other than legal compliance services our team can  assist and advise you in relation to expatriate employment taxation, including;

  • Expatriate recruitment
  • Formal employment contracts and taxation on income and fringe benefits
  • Personal income tax computation and planning
  • Payroll tax and annual personal income tax return filing
  • Personal hypothetical tax liabilities. Adopting a tax equalization computation based on comparison of Thai tax and home-country tax liabilities.
  • Secondment employment arrangement for tax planning purposes