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Thailand visa is required for foreign nationalities who wish to stay or work in Thailand more than 30 days. According to Immigration rules and regulations, there are various types of Thai visa that foreign nationalities may choose from depending on their qualifications or purpose to stay in the Kingdom.

Apart from a Thai Business Visa, a foreigner needs a work permit to work in the country legally. If a foreigner would like to be applying for a Thai business visa, immigration officer may request for the work permit applications that are necessary for Thai business visa procurement.

Besides, it’s normally that your hiring company may not have any staffs that are able to manage on this matter in your behalf proficiently. They would have just furnished you to procure the essential documents and you might need to be responsible this concern on your own.

Our legal counselors are expert in organizing the visa and work permit applications.

We are willing to assist you to get both Thai visa and work permit successfully. Please feel free to get some advices and willingly give us a chance to process these procedures in your behalf formally.




This is a type of visa for foreigners who wish to apply for a job or set up their own business in the Kingdom. This can be best applied before coming to Thailand and renewal can be done inside Thailand.


This type of visa is issued to foreigners who plan to study, attend seminar, training session or internship in Thailand.





This type of visa is suitable for foreigners aged 50 years or over who wish to stay longer in Thailand without the intention of working.




If you are married with Thai national, you can apply for this type of visa which allows you to stay and live in the Kingdom without working with your Thai spouse.


Thai Permanent Residence is an option for foreigners who have been staying in the Kingdom for a few years. The indispensable conditions for the Thai Permanent Residence certificate that you have lived in Thailand at least for three years sequently with non-immigrant visa. These can be a Thai business visa, a retirement visa or a Thai spouse visa.

This is issued for foreigners who have a Thai Permanent Residence and wish to go outside the Kingdom. They need to submit for the endorsement for remaining their residence.

If foreigners have a work permit with Thai business visa or 12 months extended Thai spouse or retirement visa and would like to travel outside of Thailand for a short period then foreigners need to apply for a Re-entry permit which can be procured from the Immigration Bureau.

Foreigners must notify the place of their residence to the Immigration Bureau every 90 days. They can notify 15 days before or 7 days after the due date from last reporting. The fine will be charged 2,000 THB if not reporting the address of residence.

When the passport is full, foreigners need to transfer their current stamp to a new passport book.

When the hiring companies wish to terminate the work permit status of their foreigner employees or foreigners have decided to resign their job. After work permit cancellation application is submitted, foreigners need to submit the visa cancellation application by confirming their last working 7 days in advance at the Immigration Bureau.

Applying for a new work permit and work permit renewal

  • General Business
  • BOI (Board of Investment)

Changing or adding employer

  • Change employer
  • Add the employer in case that the foreigners wish to work for more than one company

Adding or changing the location of working place, Changing details in work permit 

Work permit cancellation
When the hiring companies wish to terminate the work permit status of their foreigner employees or foreigners have decided to resign their job.